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ECO Certification Toolkit


EA has templates available to assist you in creating your plans. Our templates include all necessary requirements to address the certification standards. EA does not encourage duplication of documentation; should you have existing plans in place, please use and update them for your application. This summary of what information should be included in your plans should help.

Interpretative content

We have developed documents about the topics that should be covered in your interpretation and linked to sources if you need help to develop your content.

Building guidelines

Ecotourism Australia's building guidelines | If you’re considering building a sustainable tourism business, upgrading existing facilities or renovating, this document is a guide to ensure your building and construction meet the ECO Certification standards. If you’re starting a new business, following these guidelines means you will be one step closer to ensuring your business can gain certification as soon as you open. With these guidelines, you can grow your new venture while contributing to the conservation and health of the environment.

We have also developed or identified fact sheets and guides to provide you with information and tools that will help you improve your business operations and sustainability.

Ecotourism Australia’s resources are subject to copyright and cannot be distributed, reproduced, displayed or modified without Ecotourism Australia’s authorisation. Ecotourism Australia’s members are authorised to display Ecotourism Australia’s copyrighted fact sheets and guest training materials and modify Ecotourism Australia’s templates.

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