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Fact Sheets

Fact sheets and guides

We have developed or identified fact sheets to provide you with information and tools that will help you improve your business operations and sustainability.

Accessibility | This fact sheet will provide you with tools to help you meet the new accessibility criteria of the ECO Certification program and help you build upon your current accessibility plan. 

Food waste | This fact sheet will provide you with the information and tools you need to tackle food waste in your business.  

Alternatives to plastic for food service businesses | This fact sheet will provide you with the tools you need to reduce the plastic use in your business, save you money and increase customer satisfaction. 

Waste | Tourism Australia's Waste fact sheet provides tips for reducing your waste.

Climate Change Guide | Reading this guide from the Australian Government "is your first step to becoming more aware of what part you can play in reducing your carbon footprint and understanding how climate change is likely to affect your tourism business in Australia."

Energy | Tourism Australia's Energy fact sheet provides tips for reducing your energy consumption and improving energy efficiency.

The Better Business Guide, Tips for a Sustainable Tourism Business | Tourism Queensland created this guide with practical tips and tools to cover some of the most frequently asked questions by
tourism businesses seeking help to change and grow their business.

Definite guide to energy efficiency | published by CCIQ and ecoBiz Queensland

Guest training materials
We have developed documents and looked for resources you can share with your guests (or use to make your own) to educate them.

Responsible travel tips

Calculate your footprint

How to be an ethical traveller in Aboriginal Australia (Lonely Planet)

Indigenous cultural learning (ANZ)

Minimal impact tips for walking/hiking´╗┐

Minimal impact tips for snorkelling

Minimal impact tips for scuba diving

Minimal impact tips for fishing

Minimal impact tips for boating

Minimal impact tips for camping

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